Twin Screw Extrusion For PP, PET and PA films

Twin Screw Extrusion

Wide and flexible product and output range

The Twin Screw Extruder is the preferred extruder design in all modern Brückner biax lines. In the past years, Brückner Servtec has conducted more than a dozen very successful twin screw upgrades for various customers around the world, replacing single screws or cascade extrusion systems. 

The twin screws are available for PP, PET and PA films and are the best precondition for multi-layer film production. The output ranges up to 9,200 kg/h for PP film.


Low energy consumption

Highly efficient vacuum system

Best melt quality

Short residence time in melt flow system

High flexibility

Modular design

Compact machine design

Less space required

No pre-drying

Efficient degassing