Stay competitive

Stay competitive

New Products

Entering higher margin markets

Changing demands and markets may require you to convert your line into a more profitable asset. Especially older and slower production lines with small working widths and low output are under pressure to perform profitably.

We offer tailored packages for you to stay competitive and, for example, enter into higher margin markets with the production of multilayer specialty film, often paired to serve smaller quantity in developing markets.

Thickness Gauging and Control

Optimum measurement technology

Process Audit

Optimized process settings


Improved film quality

Energy Audit

Move towards reduced energy consumption

Line & Spare Parts Audit

Economical & future proof production

Spare Parts

Fast and reliable

Multilayer Film

Upgrade for existing 3-layer BOPP lines

Line Relocation

Wherever you want to go

Service for all non-Brückner lines

In the biax industry

Inline Coater

Packaging and technical films