Decisive for your business Only the best is good enough

Decisive for your business Only the best is good enough

Film Quality

Satisfying your customers' needs

The film quality is an important factor to satisfying your customers’ needs and retaining their loyalty so they continue to buy from you in the future. 

Brückner Servtec offers you a vast range of services, expertise and proved technologies to maintain and rise your product quality, independent to the age of your production line. 

Thickness Gauging and Control

Optimum measurement technology

Process Audit

Optimized process settings


Improved film quality

Energy Audit

Move towards reduced energy consumption

Line & Spare Parts Audit

Economical & future proof production

Twin Screw Extrusion

For PP, PET and PA films

Multilayer Film

Upgrade for existing 3-layer BOPP lines

Heat Recovery System

Save energy and increase film quality

Chain Track System

High speed & robust transport system

Oscillating Edge Trim Knife

A small but important move for improved film winding


Perfectly wound mill rolls

Line Relocation

Wherever you want to go

Service for all non-Brückner lines

In the biax industry

Inline Coater

Packaging and technical films

Clip and Chain Overhaul

The best treatment for clips & chains

Single Screw Extrusion

Special and flexible product and application range

Polymer large area filtration systems

For all biax polymers and applications