Successful start into the 2021 Brückner TEC Talks series

23 Apr 2021

Line Availability: TDO Chain-Track-System

More than 150 participants from all over the world have joined us in our first event of the 2021 Brückner TEC Talks series. The main topic was the line availability throughout the entire lifecycle, where we specifically focused on the TDO Chain-Track-System.

Our Mechanical Specialist Markus Summer and Process Engineer Benedict Orterer allowed the viewers to gain valuable insights into the Professional Clip & Chain Service offered by Brückner Servtec.

In an under 30-minute live expert-talk, our participants learned in detail about:

  • How the chain-track-system influences the film quality
  • When maintenance is necessary and what steps to take
  • The procedure and benefits of professional clip and chain refurbishment

The TDO chain-track system is a vital part of any biax film-production line, which needs high attention and regular maintenance to ensure maximum production availability and efficiency.

Therefore, Brückner Servtec offers you a free of charge inspection & evaluation of your TDO chain-track-system, simply send us a few clips and we provide you with a detailed inspection report that includes our recommendation on the further proceedings.

Many of you actively participated and had engaging conversation with our specialists in the Expert Meeting Room.

The high number of participants and busy meeting room justified our assumption of the importance to inform about this vital part of your production line.

Therefore, it was our greatest concern to inform our customers about the impact of a well-functioning TDO-chain-track-system, to keep our promise to ensure the maximum availability of your production line.

If you have missed the event and would like to watch the recording of the live expert-talk feel free to contact us.

Thank you all for the amazing feedback and your active participation in the Expert Meeting Room we are happy that we provided you with valuable insights on Professional Clip & Chain Service.

We look forward to welcoming you at the next event!

Stay Healthy and see you soon!!

Keep an eye on the upcoming Brückner TEC Talks in 2021:

  • Production profitability and -efficiency
  • New Film-Types
  • Sustainability and circular economy
Brückner Servtec's Managing Directer Markus Gschwandtner welcomed all visitors to the Brückner Servtec Tec Talk series
Brückner Servtec's Managing Directer Markus Gschwandtner welcomed all visitors to the Brückner Servtec Tec Talk series
Benedikt Orterer - Process Specialist at Brückner Servtec
Benedikt Orterer - Process Specialist at Brückner Servtec
Markus Summer - Mechanical Specialist at Brückner Servtec
Markus Summer - Mechanical Specialist at Brückner Servtec

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