K 2019: All about circular economy – or what else?

29 Oct 2019

Thinking outside the box highly appreciated

Already in the forefront, it seemed clear what topics will be discussed most at K 2019: circular economy and digitalisation. And yes, those two were on everybody’s agenda, whether exhibitor or visitor. And yes again, also Brückner Servtec and Brückner Maschinenbau had a lot of widely acclaimed news regarding these topics. But both have also done well to present some highlights besides.

Circular Economy – THE hot topic at this year’s K-show, visitors were impressed with Brückner’s new developments for a more efficient recycling process by using mono-material structures made of Polyolefine only. These new possibilities stimulated also the demand for the modification of existing film stretching lines for mono-material films. In addition, Brückner is also focusing on technologies for decreasing raw material usage and minimising energy consumption during film production

Digitalization – the next hot topic on how to utilize industry 4.0, the brand new Brückner ONE digital platform provides in the service area a one-stop modular solution and supports all matters of the line and its operation such as service requests, spare parts inquiries, communication and line documentation anywhere, anytime and using any tool. Predictive maintenance or e-learning are next modules to come.

Visitors also were keen to get insights in the advanced solutions of BOPP inline coating or BOPE films supporting the quest of circular economy but also reducing operation and production costs further and allowing great new products.

Very positive this year: K seems to become even more international. Customers from truly all over the world showed up: from South America to Far-East Asia, from NAFTA to ASEAN and especially from our main markets China and India. All in all, the Brückner booth staff was very pleased with K 2019 and thanks a huge number of visitors for an excellent discussion level and exciting requirements: that’s motivation for the future, to keep on pioneering the film stretching business.

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