How to make an old film stretching line fit for the future? With a future-proof electrical system!

12 Nov 2019

Brückner Servtec upgraded the outdated software architecture of an existing film stretching line and lifted it to a future-proof next level: virtualized server, new PLC software, operating system and visualization in order to increase the line’s availability.

Brückner has installed the line several decades ago. Since there have been various modifications by the customer over the years, the initial situation was a complex line with various unknown parameters. This made the line and the upgrade project even more complex. But on the strength of Brückner’s large pool of expert knowledge in this field of electrical upgrades, the situation has been managed very successfully as the customer certified a “wonderful and quick job” to Brückner employees. The line produced good film on the winder two days before schedule!

Top-modern operating system

The customer, a leading film producer, realized that the status of its software architecture was no longer up-to-date. Only a few experts had the knowledge to do service and provide maintenance support. It was also very difficult to find spare parts for the obsolete components. The operating stations of the line used Windows XP, which was not supported any longer by the supplier and therefore posed a risk to the whole system. Thus, Brückner implemented Windows 10 as operating system in order to benefit from the highest security and the latest functions. Furthermore, the new software is now independent from the hardware due to the virtualized server. In future, the migration of a virtualized system to new hardware will be much easier. This extends the lifecycle and availability of such a system installation considerably. 

Enhanced control system

Brückner Servtec already renewed the system several years ago. Within this recent modification, also new state-of-the-art features for controlling the stretching line were implemented.

Brückner’s approach and commitment to this upgrade project was highly appreciated by the customer. In order to minimize the line’s downtime, the Brückner experts prepared the software in advance for several months. This speeded up the installation at the line tremendously and allowed the team to start much earlier than anticipated. The customer received the new software with the latest functions implemented in the old line. The electrical system of the “old” film stretching line is now ready for the future: state-of-the-art components, easy service and maintenance (also remotely), efficient troubleshooting and future system improvements can be easily implemented.

This project shows again that we are “going the extra mile” to provide first-class quality solutions for our customers’ sustainable success!


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