Multilayer Film Upgrade for existing 3-layer BOPP lines

Multilayer Film

Return to competitiveness with specialty film!

Companies are forced by the market’s permanently growing
requirements to enhance their efficiency and product quality and versatility. Looking back at the last years many new BOPP lines with a very high capacity have been installed on 3-layer structures, resulting in a dramatic increase of the worldwide installed capacity of BOPP commodity films over the last years.

Existing production lines with less output lose their competitiveness and therefore need to find alternative opportunities in higher margin niche products.

Brückner Servtec is helps the operators of such lines to bring them back into profitability and conquer new markets by modifying these lines into special purpose lines with an upgrade to 5 or 7 layers. The combination of an advanced multilayer system with a twin screw extrusion is a particularly excellent way to enter new, high-margin markets with a reasonable investment.


Upgrade for existing 3-layer BOPP lines to 5/7 layer film

Enter high-margin markets for specialty film

With a reasonably modest investment

Highest flexibility

Produce 3- and 5/7 layer film alternately with the modified equipment

Cost advantages

Expensive additives are mainly applied in the thinner intermediate layers and in smaller quantities

Fast amortization

Due to increased margin quality and higher line output

Less maintenance in TDO

Reduction of condensate production

Film Types

  • Ultra-high-barrier film (replacement for aluminum foil)
  • Self-adhesive labels (matt or glossy)
  • Wrap-around labels
  • Pressure-sensitive labels
  • In-mould labels (Injection)
  • In-mould labels (thermo forming)
  • Film for lamination to paper, PE, or other films