Thickness Gauging and Control Optimum measurement technology

Thickness Gauging and Control

Software especially designed for the biax-stretching process

A flat film thickness profile is one of the key factors in terms of film quality. High quality levels can only be maintained if the thickness measurement is kept in good and reliable working condition. 

Brückner works together with all leading suppliers on the gauging market. We integrate their up-to-date thickness measurement technology into our own process control system. In this way, we can offer you the best technical measurement solution, tailored to the specific needs of your applications.

Adding the mere thickness measurement to an existing Brückner process control system is usually less expensive than any available stand-alone system. We offer integrated thickness measurement and control, as well as process control and visualization out of one hand.

Our customers benefit from our approach of combining and storing thickness data as well as all other production and laboratory data in one common database. This enables them to generate sophisticated reports and to trace back the finished products in their production history.

System Highlights

  • High-speed closed-loop die lip control designed by Brückner
  • Fast product changes
  • Automatic Bolt Alignment (ABA)
  • Improved winding quality
  • Integrated into IPC system
  • Optional long-term roll data history (RDH)
  • Gauge retrofits and upgrades
  • Sustainable support with parts and service

Advantages of an integrated system


  • Use of existing IPC-system hardware and software
    (fewer parts and lower costs)
  • Optimum control of Brückner die bolts
  • Thickness data together with all other production data in one common database
    (control, reports and archiving)
  • Service and support available out of one hand