Service for all non-Brückner lines In the biax industry

Service for all non-Brückner lines

For many years, Brückner Servtec has been active in the field of after-sales service, upgrades and modernizations of film stretching lines. We have modified and maintained hundreds of manufacturing lines to increase their reliability and efficiency.

But did you know that we also modernize film stretching lines manufactured by our competitors?

More and more customers operating non-Brückner lines, are convinced by our reliable and competent service. They recognize the difference in service quality since we are the only company in the industry which is 100% focused on service and upgrades.

Below you will find selected examples of the services and upgrades we have already carried out on non-Brückner lines. Take a look and learn more about what we can do for non-Brückner film stretching lines!

Implementation of proprietary Brückner solutions for higher efficiency at non-Brückner lines, e.g.:


Professional service

Access to worldwide service network

Utilization of Brückner quality standards

Utilization of Brückner expert know-how

Reliable partner for the future