Line & Spare Parts Audit Economical & future proof production

Line & Spare Parts Audit

Lifecycle management for complete line equipment

With over 60 years of experience in the biax-machine supply and service, Brückner’s experts are the first to approach with regard to film stretching lines' spare parts supply. They give useful recommendations and guidance for processes and spare parts at the Line and Spare Parts Audit, in order to ensure the maximum availability of the film production line. 

Line Audit

Brückner specialists from different fields make a detailed evaluation of the actual lines’ conditions with regard to electrical and mechanical installation setup. The Line Audit enables the benchmarking of a film manufacturing company in the biax-industry and offers a differentiated view of one’s own production. The customer receives recommendations for an economical and futureproof production with highest efficiency and film quality.  


  • Be prepared for the future
  • Keep line availability up for years
  • Realize the full line potential
  • Benchmark within the industry

Spare Parts Audit

Brückner specialists on-site will analyze how to optimize maintenance work and plan spare parts requirements efficiently in the Spare Parts Audit. They investigate the line’s condition and spare parts stock. A very detailed analysis will be done of critical spare parts, since the years of operation cause a shift in the spare parts relevance over time.


  • Get the most of your yearly spare parts’ budget
  • Optimize ware-house space and cost
  • Maximize the line availability 
  • Expertise of Brückner specialists
  • Be informed about latest spare parts and other developments