Heat Recovery System Save energy and increase film quality

Heat Recovery System (HRS)

For the Transverse Direction Orienter (TDO)

One of the most efficient ways of saving energy and money in the film stretching process is to focus on the biggest energy consumer within the system: the transverse direction orientation (TDO) unit. Heat recovery on the TDO unit leads to tremendous energy savings by recycling the heat of the exhaust air through a heat exchanger and preheating the fresh air required.

Not only does this efficient way of using rejected heat save energy; due to the preheated fresh air less condensate is accumulated in the TDO unit, which leads to a higher film quality and to less maintenance.


Reduced energy consumption by returning existing heat energy

Up to 40% of TDO oven heating

Less emission to the environment by absorbing pollution

Controlled condensation in the HRS

Reduced condensation of oligomers in the TDO by adjusting the amount of fresh and exhaust air

Balancing the oven system

Improved film quality by using preheated fresh air

Better temperature uniformity in TDO


  • Stand alone unit for preheating fresh TDO air supply
  • Exchangeable condensate cartridges
  • Exchangeable condensate trays
  • Flow meters for exhaust and fresh air
  • Filter systems