Chain Track System High speed & robust transport system

Modernisation of TDO Chain Track System

Minimized maintenance & oil consumption to increase film quality and reduce film breaks

The TDO chain track system is the core of a film production line. Its performance is crucial for the whole production process.

Brückner offers various technologies for clips and chains, e.g. sliding chain (FOK 4.x), roller chain system (FOK 5.x) and a system for LISIM (Linear Motor Simultaneous) lines (FOK 7.x). Each system offers advantages for specific film types. 

A modernization of the chain track system of any older lines with a state-of-the-art system brings the film stretching line to a new level of production. It increases the line's speed and enhances the reliability of the whole system. Furthermore, the maintenance costs become minimized and a reduced lubrication oil consumption increases film quality.

The experts at Brückner Servtec can even exchange the chain track systems from non-Brückner lines with a new system from Brückner.  

In order to preserve your investment for a long time, Brückner Servtec offers a professional clip and chain overhaul. 

Brückner FOK 4.8


Improved film quality

Increased chain speed

Magnetic clip opener and closer for reduced wear

Professional overhaul service to maintain highest availability