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TEC Talks
Dec 9, 2021

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How to make your film production sustainable?

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In the upcoming Brückner TEC Talk (December 9, 2021) we will focus on one of the current global mega trends: Sustainability. The participants will learn in detail how to realign their production for sustainable film types with mono-material structures, e.g. BOPE, BOPET and BOPA. Our experts will show how these line concepts for fully recyclable packaging solutions meet the current and future market demands.  

The participants will also experience how Brückner supports film manufacturers during the whole lifecycle of the film stretching line, which is the prerequisite for a successful, profitable and especially sustainable film production for decades. The following topics will be also highlighted in this context:

  • Improved quality (more A-grade film, less waste)
  • Increased yield (line availability)
  • Reduced ressources (raw material and energy consumption, optimized operation)

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Benefits for you

  • You will gain an overview of the fundamentals and challenges in the field of sustainability in film production

  • You will learn and understand how to reorient your production to meet the future market demands within the circular economy

  • You will acquire technical expertise on how to modify and optimise your existing film stretching line regarding film quality, yield and energy consumption

Brückner experts in this TEC Talk

Dr. Jens Grünewald

Head of Group Strategy
Brückner Group
Sustainability is nothing new for the Brückner Group: As a medium-sized company that thinks in the long term, we have always seen environmental aspects and social concerns as a prerequisite for long-term economic success."

Markus Gschwandtner

Managing Director / CEO
Brückner Servtec
Sustainability is at the centre of many discussions. With our expertise, we support our customers in converting their lines to the production of sustainable film types, and also optimise the consumption of resources in existing film stretching lines."

Karl Zimmermann

Director Sales and Marketing
Brückner Maschinenbau
Sustainability requires innovation. Packaging solutions with mono-material structures drive the circular economy. We at Brückner Maschinenbau provide corresponding line concepts to meet the demands of a sustainable future."

Bernhard Winklhofer

Head of Process Technology Upgrading & Service
Brückner Servtec
Recyclable ready packaging, the use of PCR material and compostable films are our solutions within the circular economy! Let us team up together! We have already developed several film types and recipes which help to fulfill the new sustainability goals."

Starting time 

The event platform opens on December 8, 2021, one day before the livestream takes place and contains a variety of additional information on this topic. The livestream will then be broadcasted on Thursday, December 9, 2021 on the event platform.

For your convenience we have set up two live sessions A and B to accommodate to your specific time zone.

  Session A     Session B
Germany 9:00 am UTC+1   Germany 4:00 pm UTC+1
Tokyo 4:00 pm   Sao Paulo 11:00 am
Bangkok 2:00 pm   Toronto 10:00 am
New Delhi 12:30 pm   Lima 9:00 am

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Thursday, December 9, starting at 9:00 am UTC+1


Thursday, December 9, starting at 4:00 pm UTC+1

Session area for discussions

Meet with Brückner specialists

After the live sessions we invite you to meet with our Brückner Servtec experts in the session area where they will answer all your questions regarding technical and commercial aspects of sustainable film production.

We are happy to welcoming you!