Brückner ONE Com

Brückner ONE Com

What if communication is easy and effective?

Brückner ONE Com allows the most flexible interaction between the Brückner service team and the customer: it is a module for quick and easy communication using state-of-the-art tools such as chat, video and whiteboarding.

The customer can also use the app version of the module for intuitive communication with mobile devices. It supports the usage of smart glasses or other video devices.

Brückner ONE Com performs from the initial start-up of the line all along the lifecycle, builds up easily accessible case histories and is the one-for-all communication platform.


  • Text, audio, video, photo, whiteboard or VNC conference
  • Using mobile phone, smart glasses, tablet or pc
  • No language barrieres anymore
  • Safe and secure data connection


Direct access to service organization

Easy and flexible communication

Faster clarification of open questions

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