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Topic: Sustainability

Date: December 9, 2021


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Introducing Brückner TEC Talks

At Brückner, we strive for excellence and are constantly looking to innovate by introducing new technologies throughout all areas of our industry. This includes smart and feasible solutions for a safe and profitable operation of your plants to ensure the maximum availability of your line in the future.

With Brückner TEC Talks, our digital communication series, we provide you with our latest findings on market developments, advanced innovations, and new technologies.

Markus Gschwandtner

CEO Brückner Servtec
With Brückner TEC Talks we created a communication channel that will provide members with our latest findings on innovations and new technologies to ensure the maximum availability of biax-film production lines in the future.”

Past Events

Line Conversion - New Products

October 2021

What to do with older lines? Our experts Christian Aigner, Hugo Seel and Sebastian Salentin showed how line conversion can transform existing film stretching lines into profit boosters. Especially older lines, whose output performance does not match the state-of-the-art anymore, can no longer compete with new, high-performance lines. Therefore, these film producers need completely new possibilities for the use for their production lines. 

Our experts presented practical examples of line conversions to run new products, so-called specialities. They explained in detail what needs to be adapted of an existing line to produce value-added film in order to stay competitive:

  • Various types of multilayer film (cavitated film, improved surface film or barrier film)
  • Inline Coating (ILC) to improve the film quality with a 3-layer die (mono-material structure)

Process Optimization 

July 2021

Process related topics can be very diverse in a film stretching line, especially when you consider the various film types. Furthermore, they have a huge impact on the film quality. Our process expert Lukas Krems gave useful hints for various parts of a film stretching line in order to optimise the system in terms of process related challenges. He took a closer look at:

Line Availability: TDO Chain-Track-System

April 2021 - Reasons and benefits of a Professional Clip & Chain Service

In this TEC Talk, Brückner Servtec addressed the importance of a Professional Clip & Chain Service. Our Brückner Experts Benedict Orterer and Markus Summer pointed out that the TDO chain-track system is a vital part of any biax film-production line, which needs high attention and regular maintenance to ensure maximum production availability and efficiency. The two specialists from the machine process and mechanics area shared their personal experience and knowledge with the viewers about the following points:

  • How the chain-track-system directly influences the film quality
  • Why regular maintenance of the TDO chain-track-system is necessary to have a healthy production line
  • Why increasing lubrication causes more damage to the chain than improving its conditions
  • What a Professional Clip & Chain Service by Brückner looks like
  • Which steps do you need to take and what are the key benefits


December 2020 - Digital Service Technologies by Brückner Servtec

Brückner Servtec introduced and showcased different functions of the new Brückner ONE digital service platform in the first event of the TEC Talks series. The two experts Juergen Zinner and Daniel Mieze familiarized the participants with everyday service processes and discussed key benefits: 

  • Line documentation in a digital library 
  • Spare parts easily found and ordered 
  • Enhanced communication opportunities 
  • Creating a service request using smartphone and desktop
  • Benefits of the new support tools on the platform
  • Data protection and highest security standards
  • Enhanced control over remote access


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