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No magic, but a giant effect

28 Jun 2021

Increased efficiency by Brückner Servtec’s new extrusion software upgrade

Brückner has decades of experience developing its own production line control software and countless systems in the market – allowing seamless, intuitive and convenient production control. Most of these software updates are applicable to existing production lines including twin screw extruders to the full benefit of the users.

Twin screw extrusion has a series of benefits for BO film producers: best melt and film quality, high output, low energy consumption and a high flexibility in production. To enable all these benefits the associated, complex pressure control is key.

Existing twin screw extruder systems cannot keep up with the latest generation: lower efficiency and line availability, prolonged stops for maintenance and the need for continual manual intervention of skilled operators are only a few setbacks for plant operators. And this is where Brückner Servtec comes into play.

The new upgrade solutions for extrusion software include the latest features and innovations, such as:

  • Improved and faster start sequence for stable output ramp-up
  • Protection of vacuum dome from rising melt
  • Automated mode for purging with sensitive polymers
  • Reliable extruder automatic start independent of material density

The upgrades Brückner Servtec already carried out successfully showed impressive improvements and hence paid off quickly. This upgrade can be performed during a normally scheduled line stop without any problems.


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