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Keep your thickness measurement and profile control up to date

02 Mär 2021

We accompany you on the way to a carefree future 

For highest line availability and optimal film quality the latest thickness measurement and profile control are a must. Together with our long-term partner NDC we developed and provide you with the latest TDi system architecture and infrared sensor technology, available for various polymers as well as for numerous film types. Thus, you raise your film production to a new level – for a long, long time.
The new gauge electronics hardware will be installed and integrated by our qualified engineer at your site. Necessary software modification can be done via remote services. The upgrade will be completed within shortest time.
This solution is particularly recommended if outdated or older systems are still being operated in your plant.
Don't waste time to future-proof your line and produce highest film quality persistently. Let’s discuss together how our solutions can be tailored to your specific needs and let’s agree on the further procedure.
NOW! It is quite simple: Just contact us...


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