Brückner ONE Your step into a bright future

Brückner ONE Your step into a bright future


Brückner ONE

Digital Solutions for film production

Brückner ONE is a digital service platform developed to make service communication as efficient and easy as possible. This is achieved by dividing the platform into 4 modules:


  • DOCUmentation
  • Spare PARTS
  • COMmunication


All modules operate within the digital service platform, which makes the Brückner ONE application your central point of service operations.


Digital service easy and efficient

What if advanced support is available at your fingertips?

For quick and flexible troubleshooting, the Brückner ONE SUPPORT module offers an advanced support handling system for technical service requests regarding electrical, mechanical, and process support. It is also available as an app for mobile devices.

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Brückner ONE: COM

Service communication made easy

What if communication is easy and effective?

Brückner ONE COM allows the most flexible interaction between the Brückner service team and the customer: it is a module for quick and easy communication using state-of-the-art tools such as chat, video, and whiteboarding. The customer and the Brückner expert can, for example, work together on a digital whiteboard for clarification of the situation. In addition, Brückner ONE COM supports also the use of video conferences. 

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Brückner ONE: PARTS

Spare part service made easy

What if finding the right spare part was a matter of seconds?

The Brückner ONE PARTS module allows rapid and simple identification and inquiry of film stretching line spare parts. Necessary items are easily determined in the online spare parts catalog with their drawing, description, or number, sent to the online basket, and forwarded as an inquiry to Brückner.

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Brückner ONE: DOCU

Easy and convenient access to maintenance instructions

What if your line documentation fits into your phone?

Brückner ONE DOCU provides a paperless and simple-to-use online technical documentation of the film stretching line. The user can access the documentation anywhere and anytime from all devices (desktop and mobile). 

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How to get Brückner ONE?

 Get in touch with Brückner

1. Contact Brückner Servtec
2. Request Brückner ONE Software

 Service Consultation

What is the best service solution for your production plant?

1. Check out the different service options
2. If unsure what service package is best for you, contact your personal service manager

 Customizing Brückner ONE

1. Personalizing the digital service platform to your production plant and service needs
2. Shipping preconfigured hardware to your location 

 Installation at Customer Site

1. Self-Installation and initial start-up with instruction manual or
2. By Brückner specialist

 Ready to use

1. Get more information on our different service modules
2. Tutorial videos will guide you through different service processes

Highlights of Brückner ONE

In the digital era we are taping the great opportunities to support you with our new digital solutions, giving you access to our services at the fingertip.
The entire Brückner ONE system is unique in the BO-industry: it is a one-stop solution providing a digital service platform supporting all matters of the line and its operation such as service requests, spare parts inquiries, communication and line documentation to make your life easier. 

As a single point of contact for the communication of machines, Brückner specialists and film manufacturers, Brückner ONE enables fast, efficient and lean service processes.

Brückner ONE service products open the future for intelligent film production and grant customers comprehensive support for the digital transformation.


One Platform for all service needs:

  • Quick access to all service options
  • Easy and fast service process
  • Improve service efficiency

Complete Transparency:

  • Transparent service hours
    • Check service hours of your current or past service requests quick and simple
  • Databank of past service requests as reference for future service solutions
  • Full control of data transparency and remote access by the customer



Single Point of Contact:

  • Easy communication between machines, Brückner specialists and customer
  • Information at the fingertip 24/7
    • Everywhere and at all devices (desktop/mobile)

Maximum Data Security:

  • Highest data security for your equipment and know-how
  • Combination of different security mechanism for ultimate data protection
  • Awarded with the TÜViT certificate for security qualification according to SEAL-3

Brückner ONE
Digital Service Platform
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