Single Screw Extrusion Special and flexible product and application range

Single Screw Extrusion

Single screw extruders and cascade systems are used in all modern Brückner biaxial stretching systems. Over the past years, Brückner Servtec has conducted very successful upgrades with coextrusion enhancements for various customers around the world, using single screw extruders with a multi-purpose or a special-purpose screw design.

The single screw extruders are available for PP, PET and PA films. The cascade systems are also suited for PET optical and PP-Capacitor lines.


They are the best precondition for high process constancy, high melt quality and the production of multilayer films with the highest quality. The output amounts to 1,200 kg/h for PP-Capacitor film and 6,000 kg/h for PET optical film.

Single-screw extruders, special melt filters, pumps and melt pipes that can be found in many of Brückner Maschinenbau’s film stretching lines and in Brückner Servtec’s upgrading projects all come from BB Engineering.


Low energy consumption

  • Well-proven screw design and high efficient heating / cooling systems for precise temperature and process control

Best melt quality

  • Accurate and gentle process control

  • Optimal homogeneity by dynamic mixers

  • Low thermal and mechanical stress and short residence time

Compact machine design

  • Less space required thanks to integrated control cabinet in the base frame

Highest modular system

  • Customised extrusion solutions
  • Fine graded machine program
  • Consequently based on a modular design

Minimum maintenance and low maintenance cost

  • Efficient and above-average service life of components guarantee a long-term trouble-free operation 
Extrusion cascade for a BOPP-C line