Preventive Maintenance Reliability up - costs down!

Preventive Maintenance

Machine Condition Monitoring (MCM)

Today’s modern production plants are no longer maintained according to a damage-based or time-based maintenance policy. The actual policy is based on knowledge of the critical parts' condition – following a predictive maintenance control.

State-of-the-art condition monitoring

  • Improved line availability by continuous sensor based monitoring of important machine parts online and remote, i.e. main extrusion gearbox or TDO track system
  • Preparation of predictive maintenance tasks on important parts to fit with the production schedule
  • Fully implemented into the line's Integrated Process Control (IPC) system
  • Highly sophisticated vibration frequency analysis
  • Detection of wear marks at a very early stage


Prevent unscheduled line stops

Extend machine life time

Reduce machine down time

Avoid and limit machine damage