Polymer large area filtration systems For all biax polymers and applications

Suitable system solutions for all biax polymers and applications

Large-area filters are used in all modern Brückner bi-axial stretching systems. Over the past years, Brückner Servtec has conducted very successful replacement installations or enhancements in melt filtration for various customers around the world, whereby special and customer-oriented filters - disk and candle filters - have been installed.

The filter systems are available for PP, PET and PA films. Duplex filter systems ensure often a film production at highest quality. The offered filter areas cover an output range up to 9,500 kg/h for PP film and 6,000 kg/h for optical PET film.

Single-screw extruders, special melt filters, pumps and melt pipes that can be found in many of Brückner Maschinenbau’s film stretching lines and in Brückner Servtec’s upgrading projects all come from BB Engineering.

Melt filter NSF210 with disks for PET applications


Low energy consumption

Well-proven and highest effective insulation with optimal accessibility and simple handling

Best melt quality

Rheological optimized melt guidance system by installation of proved filtration media

Highest modular system

Large area filtration systems are available in all sizes by appropriate filter inserts with variable areas

Compact filter design

Less space required with melt path in Z- and C- version

Minimum maintenance and low maintenance cost

Efficient and above-average service life of components guarantee a long-term troublefree operation
Various electrically heated pre-heating filter stations for PET applications