Integrated Process Control (IPC) – the brain of your machine

05 Nov 2019

Be prepared for the future!

Industry 4.0, digitalization, IoT (Internet of Things) and many other BUZZwords come along in our daily business life. There are many companies offering all kind of solutions to be prepared for the next decades to come.
Within these technologies there is only one bottleneck …imagine you have a cell phone from the 90-ties and want to use a social media app! Soon you will find out, that there is no way to install this feature and if you call the support line they will be astound that such a mobile device still exists on the market and won’t offer any technical solutions.
Now with industrial automation systems, like your IPC system, the life span is of course much longer … but there is one. This is why Brückner Servtec is successfully offering IPC upgrades for your existing lines.

What are your benefits?

  • No more pain due to obsolete parts
  • Up-to-date operating systems
  • Up-to-date application software with all the latest features
  • Up-to-date hardware and performance
  • Full support with remote services and spare parts
  • Ready for future production line upgrades and modifications
  • Independent from hardware using VM technology
  • Latest operation innovation, i.e. single button control of film feeding

Our expertise:

  • More than 40 IPC upgrades worldwide
  • Short downtime, installation and check-up within shortest time
  • Experts for state-of-the-art PLC and IPC systems

So you need to ask yourself:

  • Are spare parts still available?
  • Is the remote support able to go online?
  • Is the line prepared for the future?

If we caught your interest for more detailed information, please contact us at


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