Chinaplas 2021 13-16 Apr 2021

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2021

At Chinaplas 2021 in Shenzhen Brückner Servtec presents new solutions for the hot topics, circular economy and digitalisation, as well as improved local services in China to enhance the availability of existing film stretching lines.

Digitalisation in film production with Brückner ONE

The brand new Brückner ONE digital service platform provides a one-stop modular solution and supports all matters of the line and its operation such as service requests, spare parts inquiries, communication and line documentation anywhere, anytime and using any tool. It brings field-proven service products to a new, digital level, and enhances them with additional features. Brückner ONE helps to maximize the availability of film stretching lines and to minimize maintenance and downtime costs. Predictive maintenance or e-learning are next modules to come.

The service team of Brückner Group China offers various local services and products for film manufacturers in China:

  • Clip & Chain refurbishment and services in China
    The TDO chain-track system is a vital part in any biax film-production line, which needs high attention and regular maintenance to ensure the maximum production availability and efficiency. At Chinaplas, Brückner presents overhaul und refurbishment solutions for all different types of sliding as well as roller chains, including chains from other biax production lines. The expertise of Brückner combined with state-of-the-art high-end tooling and a variety of additional options, such as rental models for clip and chain parts minimize downtime and ensure long-lasting quality.
  • Catalyst and filter refurbishment
    High film quality at PET minimizes quality rejects of converters. For more than six years, Brückner’s TDO annealing zone is equipped with catalyst technology to reduce oligomer residuals of the final film product. With brand new technology and quality control equipment the precious catalyst can be refurbished at Brückner Group China and extend the life-time 3 to 4 times. Advanced and customized business models allow our customers to refurbish catalysts at very little invest. The same technology is applied for melt filter cleaning from PP, PET or PA polymer contamination or residuals.
  • Gearbox refurbishment and rental concepts
    Maintenance and overhaul of high load gearboxes may lead to line down time, however they are inevitable when the line is getting on in years. Brückner Group China offers all services out of one hand and ensures that customers do not have to worry about that. Disassembly, logistics, overhaul and installation with high precision devices belong to our services. Brückner and allied partners stock for our customers long lead parts and even provide rental service gearboxes for most frequently used types.
  • Virtual server solutions
    Additionally, Chinese film producers will get to know the new concept for virtualized IPC server. It increases the uptime and availability of the equipment. The original installation is detached from any hardware dependencies by adding an additional virtualization layer called “hypervisor”. The hypervisor separates the operating system from physical hardware, i.e. it is the connection between software, application and hardware.
  • LIWIND® software upgrade
    Film winding is a complex process technology of a modern film stretching line, and is mainly linked to film quality. Profound process know-how is required for optimizing the winding quality for the complete product portfolio. At some products, the process-window is very tight and small changes to the winding conditions make the difference between good film and waste. At the Chinaplas, Brückner introduces a new software upgrade for the LIWIND® system for higher winding quality. The user is able to do more parameter settings which leads to more reliable winding conditions and precise control of the winding process.

Service hub for Asia

For more than ten years, the dedicated service team of Brückner Group China grew to a professional and important service hub for film stretching lines even outside the borders of China. Brückner strengthened its local service competence to serve the customers in Asia with fast available engineers at short distances. The experts offer comprehensive experiences with BOPP, BOPA, BSF, BOPET and BOPE film stretching lines, take care of process, electric and software issues and offer various service agreements.

Production of BOPE film with existing BOPP lines

Strong growth for BOPE films: new BOPE-applications are expected to emerge over the next years due to higher demand for recyclable film structures based on mono-materials. BOPE films are applied as “functional layer”, i.e. sealing layer or as base films serving printability or metallization. Brückner Servtec introduces new upgrade packages for existing BOPP stretching lines, making them able to produce also BOPE film. The highly flexible solution increases the profitability and allows swift reaction to upcoming market changes, which increases the competitiveness of film producers tremendously.

At the joint Brückner Group booth, Brückner Servtec and Brückner Group China visitors will also meet Brückner Machinenbau presenting latest concepts for the production of added-value specialty plastics films, Kiefel, showing the latest developments for the packaging, medical & appliance industry, and PackSys Global, presenting advanced packaging equipment.